Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bulldog Dog Breed Information

The Bulldog dog breed is commonly referred to as the English Bulldog. This is basically a very gentle, friendly, good-natured, calm and friendly dog that can be described as a couch potato. He simply loves it to sleep a lot, even if he is quite stubborn. This is basically a dog breed that will not do something if he does not want to do it. 

It is quite hard to get the Bulldog to do something and you will usually find it quite funny to see him react as he normally does. What is great is that the pet will naturally have a strong bond with any child. He needs love and attention. 

One problem that you might notice is the fact that the Bulldog is destructive. He chews a lot so you need to have chew toys. In addition, make sure that you hide your slippers. 

Another problem (that is reported by most owners) is that he snores. There is no real way to get rid of that and sometimes he does have wind. During hot weather he will overheat and it is recommended to keep him inside, where the air is cool during summer. 

Always remember that the English Bulldog is the toughest dog breed to train. He will be quite slow in learning new commands and there is a necessity to have patience when training him. Quite some hair will be shed and you have to be prepared to clean hair after him. 

When you take a look at all the disadvantages that are present above, it is quite easy to believe that you will not love the Bulldog as a pet. This is not actually true. You need to understand that it is quite a difficult dog breed but it is perfect for your kids. It is not big and the fact that he makes you smile constantly is something that does count.

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