Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are You Allergic To Dogs? What Can You Do To Solve The Problem?

Even if we can all agree that it is a pleasure to own a dog, the problem is that almost 20 percent of all people are allergic to various animals. This basically results in owners that are faced with a very unpleasant situation since they cannot live with the dogs that they love. 

Substances that will cause allergic reactions are known as allergens. Inhaling or touching them is going to lead to the reaction that you do not like. Common symptoms include itcy, red and watery nose, coughing, sore throat, itchy skin, difficulty in breathing, sneezing and many others. 

Where do pet allergens come from?

In most situations the pet allergens are just proteins that are found in the dog’s dander, urine, saliva and sebaceous cells. The cat is the most common pet that triggers an allergic reaction but it can also happen with dogs or exotic pets. 

Unfortunately, in most cases the doctor will recommend that you get rid of your dog but this is not always necessary. All that you really have to do is work at eliminating some of the allergens and you might solve the problem. 

There are 3 things that can be done:

1. Improving the environment of your home

In order to do this you can:

• Create allergen free rooms – the bedroom is the practical choice. If the dog does not enter a chosen room, that area will offer you allergen freedom. Also, use bedding and materials that are hypoallergenic
• Vacuum often – choose a vacuum that has HEPA filters included
• Limit the fabrics – allergens are usually collected in drapes, upholstery and rugs. By eliminating these you are making a really good move
• Anti-allergen room sprays – you can easily buy them online 
• Installing air purifiers – make sure they have HEPA filters
• Dust often

2. Decontaminating the dog

This is a very interesting solution that few pet owners even think about. You can:

• Wipe the dog with products that prevent dander – the veterinarian can suggest a product that is really safe
• Bathing the pet weekly – there are some shampoos that do not dry out skin. This washes off allergens that are accumulated in the fur
• Looking for dermatitis symptoms – this can lead to accelerated fur and skin shedding in your dog. Such a situation will only increase allergen exposure
• Combing and brushing the pet – if you can, try to do this outdoors. 

3. Take care of Yourself!

This is again something that so many dog owners tend to forget. If you can, try to hire someone to clean the home for you. If you end up doing this, try to at least wear dust masks. Wash your hands every single time after you play with the dog and try to wear “pet outfits”. This basically means wearing the same clothes when you play with the dog so that you can avoid the contamination of all the clothes. 

Last but not least, try to talk to a physician. This is important as you need to be sure that the dog is the source of your allergy. There are cases in which owners end up giving away their pets because of a belief that they are the cause of the allergy attacks. Immunotherapy and medications can help to avoid all problems caused by being allergic to dogs.

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