Friday, February 3, 2012

Problems in training a small dog

Having dogs in at home has become more popular around the world because everyone is looking for a companion that is always there for them and will always listen. But when choosing a dog you have to make sure that it suits your family and you can offer him what he need. What i’m saying is that you have to make the difference between a small dog and a big dog. Big dogs require more space so that they will have where to stretch or a backyard to have where to do some exercises. You can offer these conditions also to a small dog but they don’t necessarily need the same amount of backyard for them to run because they don’t need it. You can exercise with a small dog even inside your house.

Most people think that training a smaller dog is difficult. Why people often have this idea I have no idea. He is still a dog and he still speaks the same language that dogs speak and understands humans as much as any dog. The only difference is that he is smaller, and that’s it. This idea that people have is probably them mistaken them with puppies. It doesn’t matter on the size or age, every owner has to know that in order to train a dog and make him pay attention to what you are saying you have to drain his energy. Dogs have a lot of energy that needs to be used. Just like children that need to consume the extra energy that they have. When you did that with a dog then you will be able to train him very easy and make him do whatever you want. Always remember the rewards. When training a dog you always have to remember to give him a reward so that he can be proud of himself that he did what you told him to do. Rewards can come in different methods. You can offer him a treat dog food, some meat or you can give him his favorite toy to play with. Motivating them will make them pay more attention to you and you can go on with your training.

Therefore people must understand that dog training isn’t about their size or breed. It’s about the owner making his time in creating a relationship with the dog. One other important fact that people need to know is that dogs live in packs, they always rely on instincts and are always looking to see who is the pack leader. If the owner can’t show them that they are the pack leader then the dog will take over and will control your life instead the other way around. This being sad every owner must remember to show the dog that he is the pack leader and the dogs will follow.

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