Friday, February 3, 2012

How to train your dog to fetch

Having a dog at home means that you have more responsibilities but that doesn’t mean that you will have more headaches. Dogs require your attention because they are always looking for something to do. That’s why dogs always stare right into your eyes, it’s because they want to know what is your next move and if they have to do it.

They also require a lot of exercise because every day they are accumulating more energy that needs to be consumed. You can do that by taking to for a long walk thru the park, around your neighborhood, for a run or if you have a bicycle you can tight them to your bike and they will follow. These exercises are good not only to improve their health but also yours. That means having a dog can even improve your life. They can assist you on every exercise.

If you don’t feel like exercising having a treadmill at home can come very in handy. All you have to do is get them up on the treadmill, bribe them and start the exercise. You can keep them there for half an hour while you sit down and relax.

Another game that is very fun to play with your dog is fetch. This exercise can create a wonderful relationship between the dog and the owner and even build trust. It can built trust because whenever they bring you the ball you give them the opportunity to get it back by exercising.

However there are dogs that don’t know how to play fetch or don’t feel like exercising. Which is bad because dog need to exercise. If they don’t know or don’t feel like playing you can always bribe them with some dog food or a piece of stake.

However this is not enough. Training them to do this exercise can be very easy and the method is very effective. All you need to do is buy a tennis ball, make a small hole in it for you to put a piece of stake and rub it around their nose. This can trigger their attention and will want that stake. Let the exercise begin.

After you inserted the piece of stake and rub it against their nose you throw the ball gently at few feet away from you and start running toward the ball with your dog. Let him take the ball in his mouth and after that you give him with a piece of meat to reward him and repeat this for a few more times. After he understand what he has to do you will start rewarding him after 2-3 tosses and after a while he will start to enjoy it and will do it “for free” just to have some fun and play. Remember every dog needs to exercise because every day he is gathering more energy that needs to be used. Too much energy can lead to unwanted behavior and even aggression.

That being said even if you don’t have the energy to exercise with your dog at least have fun with him and play a small game of fetch.

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