Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dog Air Travel Tips

Air travel is always stressful for both you and your dog. However, if you prepare properly, you can be sure that everything will be comfortable and safe. ASPCA advises pet owners to avoid travelling on a commercial airline with their dog, especially if he is checked in as cargo. Only bring him with you in the event that you have a small dog and you can fit him under your seat. In any case, if you want to travel with your dog and take a plane, here is what you need to think about!

First off, you should go to the vet and check vaccinations. You will need a vet issued health certificate, especially when travelling to another country. It is recommended that the pet has a microchip together with the collar and the ID tag. If possible, do your best to book a flight that is direct as this minimizes the chances that the dog will be left on tarmac or mishandled by the personnel.

You will need to purchase a shipping crate that is suitable for air travel and allows the pet to turn around, sit and stand. Many pet supply stores have these in stock and you can even check with the airlines and see if they have some available. Do everything that you can in order to show everyone that sees the crate that an animal is inside. Include the writing "Live Animal" and add arrows to show the proper crate position. You should also include a photo of the pet on the crate in the event that he will escape.

Before you fly out, include a small dish and water to make sure that the dog will not be hungry or thirsty during the flight. Remember the fact that the pet should not be tranquilized because he might end up with breathing problems. Based on the breed and the current health state of the dog, the vet can offer extra details of what you need to do to make the trip even more comfortable for your friend.


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