Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are boxer dogs suitable as police dogs?

The first thing that you notice when you look at boxer dogs is the fact that they are big. However, do not be fouled by the size as they are also quite intelligent. This combination basically makes the dog breed really suitable as a police dog. These are dogs that are large enough to easily restrain a criminal and intelligent enough to be taught what policemen need. Boxer dogs are actually working with police forces for dozens of years now and the first time they were used was in Germany.

In most cases boxer dogs are going to be trained by the police to work as order enforcement dogs. The dogs are common alternates to German Shepherds and will be trained to hold criminals while police arrest them and chase them whenever necessary. In most situations the commands are offered in the language of the trainer and if the dog hears a command in another language will not make them respond.

Boxer dogs can easily blend in at night and it is highly important that you understand the fact that white boxers are not that in high demand these days. Criminals can easily notice them. There are many police stations in the world that request such dogs and do all that they can in order to keep them safe at all times. There are many precints that use dog body armor so that they are not going to be hurt. Police dogs will most likely live in the house of a police officer so that they get used to other animals and people. Violent dogs are never going to be used by the police.

To put it really simple, boxer dogs are tremendous for police work. They are really famous as seeing eye dogs and they were even used as couriers during both world wars. They are really complex and can easily mix friendliness with aggressiveness.

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