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Afghan Hound Dog Breed - Information and Care

The Afghan Hound dog breed is really popular nowadays and this is mostly because this dog is a lovely companion. It is elegant, devoted and incredibly loyal. However, it is also reserved when around strangers so it is highly necessary that he is taught to socialize ever since being a puppy.

Afghan Hounds are intelligent, beautiful and gay. This is a dog breed that often appears in show rings. If they are not properly trained, they can be disobedient but when given a suitable family and home, they are surely going to be loved by everyone.

Afghan Hound - Temperament

It needs to be known that Afghan Hounds are affectionate, loyal and sweet. They are sensitive and have to be treated suitable. This is a breed that is courageous and noble. They are perfect with small children and with other animals if they are taught to socialize.

Afghan Hound - Dog Care

The coat will require a lot of attention. It is important that the dog is bathed at least once per week so that the coat will not matt. Brushing it is a lot easier when you wash constantly. If not, problems are going to appear. In addition, it needs to be noted that dog grooming tools will be needed for the breed. The Afghan Hound coat is silky and thick. Around the hindquarters, legs and ribs its texture is fine. You should never trim the coat and need to know that hair on feet and ears is feathered.

Afghan Hound Dog Training

It was already mentioned that the Afghan Hound is sensitive and this basically means that you need to be gentle when training the dog, although training also needs to be consistent. In the event that you do not help him to socialize or train him, the dog will be disobedient and destructive. It is recommended that you take him on obedience classes. In addition, make sure that you provide a fenced and safe area for him to be free to run. You are in front of a dog breed that requires daily walks and fresh water is also necessary at all points of the day. Specialists recommend that the dog runs for at least thirty minutes daily as suitable exercise.

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