Monday, August 20, 2012

Is An Adult Dog’s Dry Nose A Problem?

It is quite common that a dog owner asks about dry, warm nose as they believe this is an indicator that the dog is sick. This is actually just a misunderstanding and a false belief. The truth is that the nose of a dog can vary from dry to wet several times daily. This happens because of many possible reasons that have nothing to do with a health problem. Some of the most common ones are:
  • Staying too long in the sun
  • Staying in a room that has bad air circulation
  • Spending too much time near a heat source

Now that you know that a dry nose is not a problem, you should not just ignore the problem. Checking the nose of a dog is a very good way to see if some problems exist. For instance, dogs that have pink or pale noses are quite susceptible to facing sunburns. If you see that the dog has a nose that is red and dry or if the skin is flaking, you might be faced with sunburn. You need to talk to the vet and get some suitable lotion to protect your dog. Our loved friends can also end up with skin cancer.

If the nose of the dog is cracked and there are sores or scabs present, a skin disorder might be present. Once again, the veterinarian has to be asked about the solution to this problem. Analyze the nose and see if nasal discharge appears. If the nose of a dog runs, mucus has to be clear. If not, go to the vet. This is especially important when the discharge is green, yellow, thick or bubbly. Sometimes even black mucus can appear. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are You Allergic To Dogs? What Can You Do To Solve The Problem?

Even if we can all agree that it is a pleasure to own a dog, the problem is that almost 20 percent of all people are allergic to various animals. This basically results in owners that are faced with a very unpleasant situation since they cannot live with the dogs that they love. 

Substances that will cause allergic reactions are known as allergens. Inhaling or touching them is going to lead to the reaction that you do not like. Common symptoms include itcy, red and watery nose, coughing, sore throat, itchy skin, difficulty in breathing, sneezing and many others. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Some Interesting Dog Training Tips

Swatting or even reaching your dog is not a great instruction approach. In the event you try to train your pet in this way, all you are teaching these is usually to be frightened of you. Eventually, your dog stop playing words commands, and will simply respond to an individual raising you. Finding a dog's commitment by means of fear can be a mistake around the customer's portion. 

When you get a brand new puppy, the easiest method to educate it's to eliminate the particular temptation in order to behave terribly in the first place. For instance, for those who have a pup that's inclined to munch about sneakers, shop every one of the footwear inside your home away from your dog. In this way, the behaviour needn't be skilled from the dog later on.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bulldog Dog Breed Information

The Bulldog dog breed is commonly referred to as the English Bulldog. This is basically a very gentle, friendly, good-natured, calm and friendly dog that can be described as a couch potato. He simply loves it to sleep a lot, even if he is quite stubborn. This is basically a dog breed that will not do something if he does not want to do it. 

It is quite hard to get the Bulldog to do something and you will usually find it quite funny to see him react as he normally does. What is great is that the pet will naturally have a strong bond with any child. He needs love and attention. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kitchens have to be puppy proof

When you are preparing for a puppy there is a very strong chance that you will be really happy. It is so easy to forget the really important things in this case. For instance, puppy proofing your home can be a necessity. While the entire home has to be proofed, the kitchen is one of the area that you need to pay really close attention to since there are many dangers there for a small dog. That is why we should talk a little about this.